Andy Fitzsimon Open Source Designer Specialising in visual & interactive open technologies.

Full Name
Andrew Michael Fitzsimon
+852 66800187
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Current City
Hong Kong (SAR China)

All About Andy

As a designer working in a technical team, Andy is a bridge not a border.
Pencil, paintbrush, toolkit and scripting framework; Andy does justice to an implementation with beautiful and functional results. Plus, being most familiar with an open source software workflow, Andy prototypes his designs in working technologies to get real results sooner.


Travel, Rollerblading, Design culture, Photography, Music, Friends, Freedom & Happiness (yours too)

Community Involvement

  • Inkscape Developer/artist 2004 - Present
  • Scribus User/tester2006 - Present
  • Open Clipart Web design & clipart contributor 2006 - Present
  • GNOME Desktop Art Contributor 2005 - Present
  • AIMIA QLD chapter executive committee member 2002 - 2003
  • Red Cross Volunteer & blood/plasma donor 2000 - 2003

Employment History

Red Hat - Singapore

Senior Web Engineer Feb 2008 - Aug 2008
  • Interaction & Interface design
  • Information design
  • Graphic Internationalisation
  • Design thinking
  • Social Design patterns
  • Corporate communication design

Red Hat - Brisbane

Graphic Artist - Content Services 2005 - 2008
  • Technical illustration
  • Interaction design
  • Open source graphic design training for APAC Red Hat customers
  • Publishing software development
  • Desktop publishing
  • Design Thinking
  • Internationalisation tooling

Fitzsimon IT Consulting

Director / Open Source Graphic Designer 2003 - Present
  • Developing with web standards
  • Graphic design & Illustration
  • Desktop icons
  • Typographical font design
  • Production toolchaining
  • Training & consulting
  • Open source evangelism
  • Drupal & Plone CMS deployment
  • Occasional flash production

Clients include: Red Hat, Ubuntu, Canonical Thiess

Fiducial Technology / Fiducial Group

Graphic Designer 2002 - 2003

Worked in a software development team using web standards, flash and javacript to produce interfaces for content-focused web applications.

  • PHP, XHTML & CSS Templates
  • Flash animated websites
  • Corporate brand
  • Stationary design
  • Client consulting

Andrew Fitzsimon Consulting Services

Sole Trader 2001 - 2003

Multimedia development as a contractor.

  • Icons
  • Animations
  • Websites
  • Technical support & training

Colmar Brunton Research

Website Development Manager 2001 - 2002
  • Built and deployed national website using Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Flash etc.
  • Provided technical software and hardware support for staff members
  • Workstation purchase and assembly

Epro IT Solutions

Staff Training Macromedia Flash 2000
  • Flash, Dreamweaver & Photoshop tuition
  • Training staff to produce multimedia content for (now offline)

Technical Expertise



Public Speaking

Andy can be a bit of tart when he's passionate about something.
He has shared his knowledge on open source design at grass roots technical conferences and software user groups throughout the world. Janurary 2009 Hobart, Tasmania
Inkscape and the live path effect revolution
GUADEC July 2008 Istanbul, Turkey
Artisitic fundamentals for developers
Libre Graphics Meeting May 2008 Wroclaw, Poland
Open source toolchain & Inkscape innovation
OSDC 2007 Brisbane, Australia
Designing with free software and the creative class
Libre Graphics Meeting May 2007 Montreal, Canada
Open Source Graphic Design workflow and toolchains January 2007 Sydney, Australia
Recent open source design innovation & creative commons integration
Libre Graphics Meeting March 2006 Lyon, France
The open source designers workflow January 2006 Dunedin, New Zealand
Open Source Graphic Design - voted 'best of' for an encore presentation

Presenter at user groups and universities across Australia, China, Singapore, Hong Kong, France and North America.

Globally Recommended

Michael Hideo-Smith Director of Content Services at Red Hat

Andy has that rare ability to take a complex engineering concept and create a visual treatise on the subject. He has been the broker between technical writers and the brightest open-source developers. Please contact me directly should you wish to discuss further Andy's contribution to our business.

Chris Grams Director of Brand Communications at Red Hat

Andy is one of the world's top experts in using open source tools in the visual design field. He is not only an active contributor to many important open source projects, but his commitment to using open tools for his own design work is an example of practicing what he preaches. Andy is showing the world that great design can be done without using any proprietary software, and it is a pleasure to have gotten to know and work with him

Jon Phillips Business Development and Community Manager, Creative Commons

I've worked with Andy for around 7 years through our work on Inkscape, the premier open source drawing tool, Open Clip Art Library, a public domain graphics library, and then as well into the business world via Creative Commons. He is a mindblowing designer, knows how to work within Free and Open Culture, and is a brilliant guy to work with. He is a great addition to any project team, to lead any creative project, and to rove the earth while keeping a sense of humor. I recommend him at the highest level possible.

Jakub Steiner Graphics Designer, Novell, Inc

Andy is a talented graphics designer and illustrator with the ability to get his hands "dirty" and script & code his way through a task that requires it. He's been an inspiration to me multiple times when I struggled with a tedious workflow. I've met Andy multiple times during conferences and on top of his skills and abilities he's a cheerful guy I wish I could work with.

Harish Pillay Open Source Architect/Evangelist, Red Hat

I find it particulary easy for me to write this recommendation for Andy for he has been just a stellar coder and champion of all thing FOSS. His direct engagement and understanding of the tools in FOSS - inkscape, GIMP - jut to name two - is very, very heartening. That in itself is an asset for anyone. Andy is a really likeable person and I have high regard for him as a colleague and all round buddy (or as the Aussie say, a good mate!).

Matthew SetterSoftware Developer, Virgin Blue Airlines

I am proud to recommend Andy.
Andy is a very professional, hard working and passionate person. In all that I have seen Andy take on, he has shown complete commitment and dedication until the project is completed to the best of his ability. In addition to this solid work ethic, Andy has an infectiously positive and enthusiastic personality. All those around him cannot help but be caught in his "Can Do" attitude to work and life. If you are considering Andy for a role please regard him very highly

Jeff Fearn Software Engineer, Red Hat

Andy is the man we turn to when we want things made beautiful and usable. He can work with end users and coders, and has exhibited the ability to interface between the two. I'd unreservedly recommend Andy for any Web Engineering or User Interface design positions.

Dave Crossland Owner, Understanding Limited

Andy is on the cutting edge of free software graphic design, and is an excellent consultant for all aspects of this corner of the industry. I am always very satisfied with our collaborations.

For more references please visit andy's linkedin profile

  • Libre Graphics Meeting

    Libre Graphics Meeting 2009

    The Libre Graphics Meeting is an annual get-together for developers & users of open source creative software. For this year's meeting, Andy designed a series of illustrations combining visual metaphors of each participating project.

  • SystemTap


    SystemTap is a fantastic deep diving tool for administrators and software developers. Unfortunately, its painful to use. My design attempts to make analysis a more light hearted experience.

  • 2007

    In 2007 Andy designed the visual identity. His designs appeared embroidered on countless bags, hats, shirts, posters and even in sub-conferences like

  • Open Document Format

    Open Document Format

    The Open Document Format logo required a more finished look to compete for mindshare. Andy created the following campaign graphics during the Microsoft OOXML ISO debate

  • Open Source Publishing

    Publishing & Publican

    While at Red Hat, Andy created thousands of technical drawings. Each carefully constructed in SVG format so that text translation may be automated without authors having to edit each file in a design tool.

  • Open Source Fonts

    Open Source Typography

    Ubuntu-Title: the typeface of Ubuntu and all derivative branding.

    Freefinity: produced for the Fedora project during brand development.

    Road Stencil: created for an engineering firm and released for public use

  • Open Query Identity

    Open Query Brand Identity

    Open Query is an Australian company offering Training & Support for the MySQL database and other open source software. Andy was commissioned to design their brand.